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Benefits of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs

By utilizing Coronavirus (COVID-19) signage, businesses can keep customers as well as employees up to date on company actions and strategies including: .

  1. Social-Distancing - Encouraging customers to remain several feet away from each other in checkout lanes.

  2. Government Mandates - Messaging to indicate the company is following government mandates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  3. Take Out/Delivery - Restaurants might no longer be offering in-house dining, but they’re now shifting to take-out and delivery services.

  4. Change in Hours/Temporary Closures - As stores and businesses modify their open/close times, temporarily shutter, or consolidate operations.

  5. Reinforcing Hand Washing - For employees (whether remote or in-house), and for customers

Where are Some Effective Locations for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs?

Here are some of the best places to place your COVID-19 signage:

  1. Front entrance/door - For signage indicating a change in business hours, special hours for seniors, a shift to take-out/delivery only, the front entrance is the best option.

  2. Business storefront/display window - Don’t hesitate to make use of your company’s storefront to spotlight what your business and employees are doing to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19), and how customers can do their share as well.

  3. Store interior/point-of-sale - Use floor graphics to reinforce social-distance messaging around the checkout lane. Signage throughout the store can reinforce to customers that you’re watching out for their health as they buy needed items.

  4. Employee lounge/lunch area - Here’s where you can place signage to double-down on messaging about revised store hours, sanitizing duties/schedules, hand washing, and more.